Private One-on-One Calligraphy Class

Private One-on-One Calligraphy Class


Wanting to learn something new in 2017? Is calligraphy something you have always wanted to learn? Now is your chance! I love teaching others about the art of calligraphy. Take this class and I will teach you how to hold your pen, dip in the ink, basic strokes, and the lower-case alphabet. Taking this class will also give you the access to the next level course (upper-case, numbers and into to hand lettering). This course lasts 2 1/2 hours. 

The class includes:

- 1 oblique pen

- 2 nibs

- 1 jar of black ink

- Washi tape

- Tracing paper pad

- Practice alphabet and grid

- Snack and an extra surprise!

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