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Cleggraphy Designs Photo Shoot

Cleggraphy Designs Photo Shoot

I am so thankful that I met this sweet friend of mine at Starbucks in college. Since our Starbucks date, we have traveled together, spent many nights staying up until late hours being unproductive, laughed until we cried, taken thousands of pictures, had wedding and baby showers, face-timed a ton and become best friends. I am so thankful for her and know she will always be a part of my life. (Because I adore her baby girl, Ella, hehe).

Ever since I decided to start calligraphy, Brittany has been an encouragement. She is always helping me think of ways to grow my business, advertising my service and sending me inspirations. I am so thankful for her.  Last month, she "borrowed" my samples, went to buy flowers and started snapping away. I am so thankful for some of the pictures she took and excited to share a few with you.

If you don't follow her blog, its time for you to start! You will love everything you see. - Brittany Jones

Congratulations Mackenzie and Jason!

Calligraphy and Flowers- My Dream