Brides of North Texas :: Spring/Summer Issue 2016

WOW! That's really all I have to say.

 Cover of the Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

Cover of the Brides of North Texas Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

If you haven't already - you need to buy a copy of this magazine today! Click here!

Brides of North Texas is an amazing company and I am honored to work with them on a weekly basis. The girls that work for the magazine are talented, precious and resourceful! I have learned so much about the industry and even about myself just since I signed to advertise in August of 2015.

Meagan Jones, Senior Account Executive for Brides of North Texas met me at Brewed in Fort Worth for lunch to talk to me about the opportunity I would have if I partnered with the magazine. Ever since that day, my business has grown and I have met wonderful people along the way!

 Picture with Meagan Jones at the BONT Brunch! She is expecting her first child, Oliver this spring!

Picture with Meagan Jones at the BONT Brunch! She is expecting her first child, Oliver this spring!

When Meagan told me about the opportunity, she let me know they were planning a spotlight on calligraphy in the next issue. I couldn't pass it up! Here is a look at the Calligraphy Spotlight that I was honored to be in. (also in this spotlight was Clara Doyle Designs and Polished Pen Calligraphy!)

In September, we were asked to submit invitation suites for them to select from. I submitted a gold and teal suite that was selected! With this wedding invitation, they gave it to a baker to make a cake that matched the style. I loved looking through this segment! (It made me want some yummy cake!) Thanks to Creme de la Creme Cake Company and Andrea Elizabeth Photography for making this spread look gorgeous!

My favorite styled shoot was at the new White Sparrow Barn in Quinlin, Texas. (Talk about a gorgeous venue!) This segment was a spotlight on florists. I loved getting to work with Taylor Davis of Something Pretty Floral, Ambra Costner with Query Events and Tracy Enoch Photography! 

 Macie Garner and Ambra Costner with Query Events

Macie Garner and Ambra Costner with Query Events

 Taylor Davis with Something Pretty Floral

Taylor Davis with Something Pretty Floral

Speaking of Query Events, this styled shoot was created by Ambra and Macie. I was honored to be a part of their "big picture" and love working with these sweet girls! (invitation, gold platter and place cards provided by CD)

Thanks Brides of North Texas for all of the experience you are giving me, networking opportunities, fun parties, friends and most of all - thanks for pushing me to have a blast doing what I love to do!


Weston, Thanks for being my main detail!

What is important to you about your wedding?

Some would answer this by saying the flowers, others the venue, photographer, dress, or cake. The list could go on forever.

The marriage is the most important and you can’t get caught up in the details and forget about the real reason you are there. I love details. Most of my blog and Instagram posts are about small wedding details. The details are how I make a living! From planning events at TCU to owning a calligraphy business, the details are key to me.

Before I start talking about the importance of details for 2016, I want you to know where I stand on weddings and marriage. If you start to lose sight of the true meaning, you are planning a wedding that is just an event and you are doing it all wrong!

Weston Clegg is my husband, and like most guys, he didn't care about any of the wedding details. At one point, I remember him saying "I just want the food to taste good and for us to be married at the end of the night." Making him happy with the wedding plans was easy!

When I look back at my wedding day, I remember lots of things. Somethings that stand out to me were waking up in the hotel room with my bridesmaids singing to me, seeing my mom for the first time as she gave me a gift and sweet words, watching my favorite movie, Father of the Bride, while getting ready and sitting by Weston’s sweet sister, Brett, at my gorgeous bridal luncheon getting excited to finally be her sister. Then there was my mom forgetting to wear the earrings she bought and needing someone to zip her dress up after she selflessly let everyone else get ready before her. I remember Weston's sweet prayer as we stood on opposite sides of the door, eagerly wanting to see each other. I remember my Nana sewing my name into my dress as my something blue, my first tears being when my Papa came out to take pictures with me and he started crying and standing alone with my amazing dad outside the chapel before I walked down the aisle. Of course I can’t forget my little cousin, Avery (the flower girl), handing Weston a note from me that said "I Love you! Just keep smiling!” I recall vividly walking down the aisle and seeing my mom, Kathy and bridesmaids smiling at me, and my soon-to-be husband crying. Looking to the right and seeing Ron as the best man, and knowing that he was the absolute best man to be standing there supporting his son. Then there was the moment of seeing the six other groomsman that I consider my friends and knowing they would do anything for me. Having a powerful message (that we still listen to on our wedding video) from Mr. Brooks and a great charge that we live our everyday by from Dr. Smith was such a blessing. Our families joined us at the altar with our "Tree of Love" (that I would kill 2 weeks into our marriage) Ingrained in my memory is saying I do and riding in the limo alone to our wedding reception. I will never forget walking into a GORGEOUS reception that my parents had worked so hard to give me and hearing the grand piano. I loved seeing everyone sign our wedding bench and seeing the flowers, escort cards, linens, glitter, lights and people that made my wedding day one I had always dreamed of. Special times were my Papa's prayer, dancing with my daddy and watching my husband smile and laugh while he twirled his sweet momma around. There were the photo booth pictures, cake cutting, dancing, talking to all 450 guests and soaking in every moment. At the end of the night we cherished saying goodbye to our families and having our last dance alone in the ballroom. As we were looking around seeing empty hot chocolate mugs, trash on the floor, chairs moved out of place and everyone gone, it was the true vision of a good time! It was so much fun walking outside to be showered in fake snow for our 75 degree winter wedding. As we were pulling away, I remember my dad handing me his speech that was missed by the DJ on the timeline, but getting to read it to myself and it ended up being so much more special. (I still have it in my wallet and read it often, but he doesn't have to know that :)). We often talk about getting in the limo and watching our best friend, Grant, stand there waving while everyone else engaged in conversation, laughed and ran inside. We will never forget him standing there until the limo was out of sight. We will never forget any of these details. ............. but all of those are just details, right?

Some of you reading this were at our wedding and don't remember some of the things I do.  They are all material items and memories of our wedding day. The most important part that we know EVERYONE remembers is that on January 11, 2014 we became Mr. and Mrs. WestonClegg.  Today, we celebrate our two year wedding anniversary and I feel like we are more in love now than we were on 1/11/14, and this time next year I will be able to say the same.

With that being said, I hope one thing I do for all of the brides I work with throughout 2016 is remind and show them the true meaning of a wedding. I hope that my relationship with Christ is evident to every bride I work with. My prayer for 2016 is to run my business to not only provide a service for my clients, but to remind them the true meaning of a marriage, placing Christ as the center of their marriage and to have fun planning the details as long as they don't become the main detail.

I look forward to all of the people I will meet through Cleggraphy Designs in 2016. I feel as if I can now stress the importance of some details and the fun parts of others with you still knowing my heart and structure of a healthy marriage.

More to come soon,


Here are pictures of some of my details :)


A Helpful Hint: Watercolor

I'm sure everyone reading this remembers being creative with watercolors during their childhood. Who didn't love walking into art class and seeing these set out on the table?

I have been experimenting with watercolors now for a few months and let's just say when I finish, I look like I am back in elementary school! What a mess! I finally have figured out the best way to work with paint tubes, mixing colors and adding the right amount of water. I do not want you to have to go through the mess and headache I did, so I am going to give you a few tips today.

1. Gather Supplies

  • Watercolor (take some time to experiment with a few brands to find the one that works best for your project.)
  • Container for colors (if using watercolor tubes, some come with a palette.)
  • Paint brush (I will share my favorite below! Find what works best for you and your medium.)
  • Paper or canvas (depending on the project you are working on.)
  • Water and water cup
  • Clorox wipes (and lots of them if you are like me!)

2. Mix the colors. This step is very important.

  • Remove the lid of small container.
  • Squeeze a small amount of color from the tube into the storing container.
  • Use the eye dropper to start adding water to the color paste in the container.
  • Continue until you have the color/water mixture to the right consistency. For watercolor, you want it to be transparent and not the solid color.
  • Remember your combination of colors/water amount in case you need to make more to match a project.

3. Start painting.

Just a few tips when painting:

  • Start on a piece of scrap paper (of the same medium) to make sure the color is going to come out the way you planned.
    • In the picture above, I started with a violet watercolor and it was not as dark as I had planned so I let it dry and then brushed a black watercolor over the top.
  • Always practice on something before putting brush to paper on your final project.
  • If you drop spots of water color, immediately start spreading it in the same motion as the other strokes on the page to avoid dark spots.
  • Pour some paint out on an old plate or palette for easy accessibility for your brush. You can always ad water on the plate to make it the right consistency.

The two colors above are what I used on this project for a sweet friend of mine, Ashley Feldhues. She works in the MBA Career center at TCU and wanted some water color/calligraphy pieces she could hang up in her office. (Signs pictured are 12x12 sheets of paper and can be purchased here!!)